Stiftung Brandenburgische Gedenkstätten Gedenkstätte Opfer der Euthanasie-Morde

Services for school classes and groups of young people

Tours and project days are also available outside of opening hours.


Tours and project days

Our tours are appropriate for groups of young people and school pupils in the 9th grade or above. The content and method of communication are adapted to the needs and requests of visiting groups. Our tours offer profound knowledge of Nazi euthanasia crimes committed in Brandenburg an der Havel, as well as an exploration of the ideology of “racial hygiene.” Our presentations point out connections to regional and local history.


Two-way tours

After an overview tour, the students work in small groups using materials that we give them to develop various exhibition stations on their own. They then present the results to the entire group in a joint tour.


Project days

After a tour through the exhibition and through the site, the young visitors work together in small groups, learning in a competence-oriented way – aligned with their curriculum – about how to deal with historical documents in a critical way. Questions about the origins, implementation and consequences of Nazi euthanasia are also developed and discussed, as well as questions regarding how much room those involved had to maneuver.